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Wiggers Beam Stirling Engine

Wiggers Beam Stirling Engine

Ref: WGHHV-08-250

This stirling model was developed by WIGGERS model engineering. It demonstrates a unique and fascinating movement of levers and rods. The model is not the most fuel efficient but it is optically fascinating and mesmerizing to watch run.

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The movement of the heating and cooling cylinders are constructed in such a way that the whole mechanism is executed by the need for only one crank pin. The connection rods, levers and angles provides for a fascinating process of movement. The adjustment of the number of revolutions is possible through the control knob located on the side of the engine. The slower the model is run with its many side mechanisms, the more appealing is the process of its movement. The model generates a remarkable amount of power due to the big dimensioned fly wheel. This power can be used to run accessories with the pulley attached to the flywheel. The surface is painted and nickel plated to prevent tarnish and corrosion. The design is such that the model is free of maintenance and is heated by methyl spirits. The grooved beech wooden base board of the model centers a an acrylic hood, which gives the model protection. This model is medium sized and needs the following place: length: 280 mm, width: 170 mm, height with hood: 230 mm.

Total Price$3,000.00

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