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Wilesco D3 Steam Engine Dry Fuel

Wilesco D3 Steam Engine Dry Fuel

Wilesco D3 BackWilesco D3 BottomWilesco D3 BoxWilesco D3 Left
Wilesco D3 Right

Ref: WI D 3

This is the smallest Esbit Fuel fired Steam Engines in the Wilesco range with a mirror polished brass boiler, diameter 45 mm, length 90 mm and a boiler capacity of 50 cm³. The base plate and the boiler housing are made of printed sheet steel.
The showing glasses are at the same time the water gauge glasses. Boiler with spring loaded safety valve, oscillating cylinder and piston, flywheel of 35 mm diameter and grooved pulley.

(No Fuel is Included with This Engine - Don't forget the Esbit fuel and the Steam Oil)

Base plate : 160 x 125 mm
Height : 190 mm
Weight : 0,5 kg
Special gift box : 170 x 130 x 185 mm

THIS IS NOT A TOY! As it involves a flame it is not for use by anyone under the age of 14.

How to Use a Wilesco Oscillating Engine

Click here for Operating Instructions
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Total Price$104.00

Retail Price: $99.95

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