Cylinder Assembly, Complete-Model # 25.

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*Backordered: 9/9/2024

Cylinder Assembly, Complete-Model # 25. Same as Model 75

BOTH instructions on how to take the old one off AND then, put the new one on:

1. Take the hollow steam screw out on the top front of boiler which holds the steam pipe on.
2. The 2 steam chest screws that connect the steampipe to the flat part of the cylinder - take them out.
3. Take the crank pin screw off (which holds the connecting rod to the crank shaft).
4. Then loosen 6/32 set screw on the 2-step pulley & take it off of shaft.
5. Then loosen the 6/32 set screw on flywheel and take it off of shaft.
6. Loosen the 8/32 set screw on the aluminum eccentric pulley and take it off of shaft
7. Put the new eccentric aluminum pulley back onto shaft, then put the flywheel onto shaft. Put the shaft back through the journal & put the 2-step pulley on.
8. Put the 2 steam chest screws 6/32 x 3/4" & reversing mechanism holes lined up and tighten the 2 screws. Line up the eccentric pulley evenly to make sure it is straight and not cocked or binded.
9. Tighten up the flywheel set screw & put back on the 4 1/2" spring belt on the hub of flywheel to the brass pulley on the governor.
10. Now tighten the eccentric aluminum pulley onto the shaft. Then take the crank pin screw & tighten it making sure the eccentric set screw is up and the crank pin screw is down so it will be properly timed.
11. Then put in the hollow steam screw into the top front of boiler.

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