The Windmill -uses five 1/4" single acting pistons with 1/2" strokes

SKU: Liney 5-Kit

This is a newer design that we are very excited about. It is nicknamed The Windmill and is an exceptionally beautiful and unique engine. Every part is made from solid brass or aluminum and finished with either a high polish, bead blasted, or jeweled surface. The base is solid walnut with a varathane coating. The engine uses five 1/4" single acting pistons with 1/2" strokes. The "wobble" style valving means that every cylinder is in a constant oscillating motion while running. This means lots of external motion and makes the engine very fascinating to watch. The main shaft runs in ball bearings. Turning the heavy brass flywheel by hand feels solid, and very smooth. This design is completely self starting and only 5 psi of pressure is required. In fact, it can run a few turns just blowing into the intake. The diameter around the outside of the five cylinders is four inches. The intake is a 1/8 O.D. brass pipe. If you would like a particular custom or standard fitting or even a displacement lubricator attached, please email for a quote.

This kit includes all the materials, bar stock, accessory package and drawings for a machinist to machine and build.

Five cyclinder Engine in Kit form needs machined.

All material in this packet is copyrighted. The purchase of these plans allow builder to build one engine per set of plans purchased.

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