Mildura RC Reversing Plant 4" Horizontal Boiler

SKU: MSM 4073

4" Horizontal Boiler/Mildura RC Reversing Plant

The Mildura is the most popular in our range with most modellers opting for the Stephenson's Reversing Linkage. The crank throws are at 90º giving the engine will self starting characteristics at any position of the crankshaft. By adding Stephenson's reversing linkage the Mildura becomes a marine steam engine capable of powering model steamboats up to five feet on a boiler pressure of about up to 80 psi. This engine is suitable for use in model boats up to 7 feet in length. Or polish it up for an absolutely stunning model.

Engine Specs:
Width 5-3/4"
Height 5-1/4"
Bore 3/4"
Stroke 3/4"
Flywheel diameter 3-1/8"
Weight 2080 gms (when finished)

Boiler comes with wood lagging that can be installed by you. Although not required it does insulate the boiler and helps the performance of the engine. Modelers can usually install this lagging in 3-4 hours.