Telford Locomotive Live Steam Train

SKU: Mamod-1351TESET
$825.95 $799.95

The Mamod Telford is a superior slide valve engine using the proven design of the Brunel and Centurion models. It incorporates a sliding roof for easy access to the cab workings.

vertical inline displacement lubricator
silver soldered boiler
9.5 mm upgraded cylinders with slip eccentrics
ceramic burner
butain/propane gas tank
smoking chimney
cosmetic wistle and tank tops
30ml bottle of steam oil, 30ml bottle of 15/40 oil and syringe.

Set Includes:
Gas adapter
0 gauge locomotive
1 tender
2 x packs of curved track
1 x pack of straight track
Combined track gives oval of 220 x 220 cm

This item involves a flame it is not for use by anyone under the age of 14.