Micro Steam Engine

SKU: Micro-M6B

MicrocosmM6-B Small Steam Engine

Product Code: MicrocosmM6
Brand: Microcosm
Shipping Weight: 500 g
Boiler volume: 20cc
Total length: 60mm
Full-width: 57mm
Full-height: 120mm
Weight: 200g

The engine number noted in: flywheel 28.5MM, output shaft 2mm Bore 4.5MM, piston stroke 7MM.

The overall height is 117mm. The vertical boiler is 33mm diameter and a bit more than that in height. (Although the outer casing being integral with the firebox, it looks bigger.)

It has a single flue tube, integral with the chimney. The recommended water level is 15ml. The burner is fitted with twin meths tanks, each 21mm diameter and 25mm high. Pipes

from the two tanks are combined and fed via a single pipe to a wick under the boiler. There is no safety valve fitted.

Steam is fed to the single acting oscillating cylinder via a short pipe, to which a tiny displacement lubricator is attached. The cylinder is 4.5mm bore with a stroke of about 8mm.

This drives the 29mm dia. flywheel at a fairly high speed with no load. There is a small pulley attached to the flywheel. There's not much torque but plenty of revs so, with suitable gearing, the power would not be insignificant.

The engine is constructed mainly of brass with copper pipes and a few small parts in steel.

(Don't forget the Steam Oil)

THIS IS NOT A TOY! As it involves a flame it is not for use by anyone under the age of 14.