Schuco Classic Tin Toys Book

Schuco Classic Tin Toys Book

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This informative and beautifully illustrated book includes a complete history of this internationally famous mechanical toy producer Schuco, from its pre-World War II heyday to its bankruptcy in the 1970s, and on to Schuco's successful renaissance today. Anyone interested in collectible toys will be entranced by the lavish illustrations, detailed listings, and accurate pricing of the cars, water toys, airplanes, and more featured here.
-- Provides a complete history of one of this century's most prominent manufacturers of classic mechanical toys
-- Features hundreds of delightful, original modern photographs mixed with illustrations from original Schuco catalogs
-- Includes information for collectors on manufacturing processes, technical details, variety range, availability, and desirability

Author:Knox, Chris
Publisher:Krause Publications
Subject:Tin toys.
128 pages.