Reeves American 4-4-0 Washington Machined Ready to Run 4 3/4" Track

SKU: MS Reeves-Wash

Scale 4-4-0 American Live Steam Train

For fifty years, the American, or Eight-wheeler, enjoyed widespread popularity as the predominant locomotive on the North American continent. The swivel four-wheel lead truck made the 4-4-0 well-suited to the steep grades, tight curvature and primative roadbed of railroads in the mid-nineteenth century. By 1900, construction of new 4-4-0s had almost ceased, but not before a grand total of more than 25,000 had been built by manufacturers such as Rogers, Baldwin, Cooke and Mason.

Our miniature steam powered American is a very authentic scale model and a fine performer. Several hundred of these engines have been built over the years and a visit to any of the live steam tracks in North America or Europe will usually find one of these beautiful locomotives in operation as the center of attention. All of the detail items are either bronze or brass. .

4-4-0 Rogers American Loco
• A super detailed model design from Reeves Technical Department by D Piddington for both 5" and 4 3/4" gauges
• From original 1872 drawings
• Described in Model Engineer Vol. 166
• Length: 57.25"
• Boiler Dia: Taper
• Cylinder Bore: 1.375"
• Driving Wheel dia: 6"