Wilesco M 47 - M47 Vironator

SKU: Wilesco M 47

NEW! In these times, solidarity is important to the Wilesco team. We must now stand together, act, support each other and also support those who may not have it as good as we do. These are risk groups such as our seniors or people with pre-existing conditions of all ages. But also socially disadvantaged families with children without balconies and gardens, single parents whose childcare falls away, and many more. That's why we at Wilesco wanted to create something that gives you hope. Something that brings you joy and a smile in these difficult times. We wanted to create something that makes you look forward and feel excited about the time to come. Something that later recalls the memories when everything is over and we return to normal. A piece for children and grandchildren who may not have experienced this phase of our lives. A model for those who stay at home and protect life. A little laughter against all fears of existence and concerns about health - whether their own, their relatives, or the people around them. We want to make a playful contribution to fighting the virus: That's why here is our M47 special model for the coronavirus. A variation of our blacksmith who slowly but surely destroys the virus into mush. Of course, under strict hygiene conditions! The virus is attached to a magnet and can therefore also be attached to the refrigerator, bulletin board, and all metallic surfaces. Wilesco assures you that the virus is guaranteed not to spread through the airways! Our model therefore comes without any risk of infection. You don't need to touch it with gloves or a protective mask and a safety distance of 1.5 m is also not necessary. Wilesco wants to not only entertain you with this model but also set a symbol of solidarity. That's why we donate 5 euros to the Tafel Deutschland e.V. for each model sold.

THIS IS NOT A TOY! As it involves a flame it is not for use by anyone under the age of 14.

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